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Beautiful ex-Thames inspection launch, Wenlock Basin, Islington, N1 1948 33' £75,000UK
Beautiful two bedroom houseboat 28m £450,000UK
2 Bed Houseboat in Chelsea SW3 1898 14.60m £275,000UK
Dutch Barge in Poplar Dock Marina 18.5m £250,000UK
Lovely narrow boat measuring 40 ft long 1985 12.2m £55,000UK
Immaculate Naval Pinnace, St Katharine Docks, Wapping, E1W 1937 15m £125,000UK
2 bedroom widebeam, Surbiton, KT6 2007 17.30m £129,000UK
Stunning barge in Limehouse Basin Marina, Limehouse, E14 2007 61' £190,000UK
Residential mooring, Lombard Road, Battersea, SW11     £360,000UK
Humber Keel Barge 1900 19m £200,000UK
Two bedroom houseboat, St Katharine Docks, Wapping, E1W 1' £70,000UK
Unique beautifully presented moter yacht 14m £130,000UK
44 ft. narrow boat situatet in Little Venice 2007 44' £180,000UK
Beautiful wide beam 21m £260,000UK
Stunning 94ft x 14ft Classic Luxe Motor 1929 29m £280,000UK
Schokker sailing barge for sale 1983 74' £190,000UK
Beautiful widebeam moored at Chelsea Harbour 18m £150,000UK
Well presented 42 ft. narrow boat 13m £130,000UK
Birchwood power boat 1990 15m £175,000UK
Beautiful example of a Chris-Craft 45 Commander 14m £185,000UK
Lovely Narrowboat in Little Venice 1985 13m £120,000UK
A converted Broads Cruiser on Platts Eyot, TW12 1975 40' £135,000UK
Narrow boat in a great location, Lisson Grove, Marylebone, NW8 1999 55' £110,000UK
3 bedroom houseboat, Poplar Dock Marina, Docklands, E14 1' £220,000UK
1 bedroom houseboat, South Dock Marina, SE16 35' £47,500UK
Stunning Dutch Barge in Greenland Dock Marina, Rotherhithe, SE16 1908 24m £200,000UK
Remarkable floating home moored at Riverside Quarter 2011 27m £1,750,000UK
Broom 33 power cruiser at Chelsea Harbour 10m £120,000UK
Stunning houseboat at Prospect Quay 24m £1,600,000UK
2 bedroom motor yacht in St Katharine Docks, Wapping, E1W 1987 42' 3" £65,000UK
Stunning motor cruiser in South Dock Marina, Rotherhithe, SE16 1999 14m £147,000UK
Brand new houseboats to buy 2019 18.2m £225,000UK
Immaculate fully navigable barge 1903 19m £200,000UK
Stunning Dutch barge in Limehouse 1936 22m £160,000UK
Two bedroom, narrow boat, UB8 1990 53' £55,000UK
2 bedroom barge, Poplar Dock Marina, E14 1954 21.30m £295,000UK
Stunning widebeam boat on residential mooring 2017 17.9m £215,000UK
The Hollows, Brentford, TW8 0DZ (Ref: 41638) 83' £850,000UK
Stunning houseboat in Greenland Dock Marina, Rotherhithe, SE16 20m £300,000UK
Dunkirk Little Ship with a rich history 1935 14.63m £120,000UK
Characterful Norfolk Broads cruiser 1970 11m £90,000UK
2 Bedroom House Boat, Chelsea SW10 2017 26.00m £1,750,000UK
1930s steel barge, St Katharine Docks, Wapping, E1W 100' £3,500,000UK
Fabulous Dutch Barge 1923 30.5m £850,000UK
Luxurious Hardchine, twin engined yacht 2006 22m £625,000UK
Sunseeker Manhattan 54 motor yacht 16.5m £249,000UK
One bedroom houseboat, Blomfield Road, Little Venice, W2 2016 14m £240,000UK
1 bedroom widebeam, Limehouse Basin Marina, Limehouse, E14 2014 65' £210,000UK
One bedroom houseboat, Poplar Dock Marina, Docklands, E14 1975 10m £44,000UK
Beautiful Belgian luxe motor barge 28.65m £700,000UK
2 bedroom houseboat, St Katharine Docks, Wapping, E1W 1994 38' 5" £105,000UK
Two bedroom houseboat, Nine Elms Pier, Vauxhall, SW8 2008 38' £600,000UK
Beautiful Humber Barge conversion on a residential mooring 27.5m £325,000UK
42 foot Dutch Barge with a residential mooring 1910 13m £49,000UK
Charming Dutch barge in Limehouse 28m £250,000UK
Lovely Dutch barge with working engine 1920 18.9m £120,000UK
stunning Dutch sailing barge of tjalk design 1885 25m £195,000UK
A spacious barge with unique history, Surbiton, KT6 1960 50' £170,000UK
Beautiful, well maintained 3 bed houseboat 2008 29m £1,750,000UK
Attractive on bed dutch barge 1932 17m £275,000UK
One bedroom houseboat, St Katharine Docks, Wapping, E1W 1922 52' £90,000UK
Delta Marine Dutch Luxemotor 2006 21m £395,000UK
1 bedroom narrowboat, Packet Boat Marina, Uxbridge UB8 2001 50' £40,000UK
Broom Ocean 42 for sale 1984 14m £90,000UK
Rare and historic vessel, St Katharine Dock, Wapping, E1W 1945 55' £110,000UK
A 62' 'project' narrowboat in Cumberland Basin, Regents Park, NW1 1979 19.20m £170,000UK
Stunning widebeam canal boat, St Katharine Docks, Wapping, E1W 2016 19m £290,000UK
Gorgeous dutch sailing barge, St Katharine Docks, Wapping, E1W 1916 23m £220,000UK
2 bedroom houseboat, Greenland Dock Marina, Rotherhithe, SE16 1935 25m £240,000UK
Friesian barge on residential mooring, Eagle Wharf Marina, Hoxton, N1 9m £135,000UK
62 feet original Dutch barge in South Dock Marina, SE16 1903 62' £200,000UK
2 bedroom houseboat in Limehouse Basin Marina, Limehouse, E14 2013 22m £215,000UK
Ham Wharf, The Ham, Brentford TW8 45' £190,000UK
Stunning steel-hulled Dutch barge 1930 34m £625,000UK
Fully navigable widebeam for sale 20m £210,000UK

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